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Multi Wrench

  • Glenford Lawrence
  • Utility Patent Issued


Multi Wrench is a unique multi-tool that allows a user to quickly alternate between a variety of attachments such as a socket wrench, retractable blade, a screwdriver, and more. The device provides an individual with a way of completing various projects with just one tool.

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Purpose & Benefits

  • Enables a person to customize a multi-tool for different projects.
  • Reduces the number of tools that must be carried to a jobsite.
  • Decreases the amount of space and weight occupied by tools in a bag or box.
  • Allows a person to complete a job faster by keeping all tools readily accessible.
  • Features an optional light attachment capable of being utilized to illuminate dim and low-light work environments.

Problems Solved

Handymen, plumbers and other manual laborers often have to carry around a large, heavy container filled with tools. The bulk and weight of such a kit can cause physical strain and slow down a person’s progress. Additionally, it can be unnecessarily time consuming to locate the correct tool in a kit, and a person may waste time removing and replacing various devices between jobs.

Detailed Description & Features

Multi Wrench is a compact, customizable multi-tool that enables a user to keep the necessary tools for an array of jobs available in a convenient manner. The device offers a substantial amount of functionality within a single, convenient tool. The invention can be comprised of a wrench tool that includes a socket wrench, a retractable blade, a number of interchangeable wrench heads, a screwdriver, a magnet, and two levels. Additionally, the device can offer a light attachment for illuminating dimly lit work areas.

The retractable blade is controlled by an actuator. The actuator is a slide mechanism that causes the retractable blade to be deployed and retracted when moved. The actuator is comprised of a button located on the outside surface of the device and a blade shuttle located within an interior guide channel. The base of the retractable blade rests against the interior blade shuttle and the button is connected to the shuttle, allowing a user to control the position in relation to the blade. The blade is also removable from the guide channel so it can be replaced as necessary.

The screwdriver is attached to the body via a hinge and rests within a recess on the outside portion of the device. The recess holds the screwdriver securely without interfering with an individual’s ability to grip or utilize the Multi Wrench. The screwdriver can be comprised of a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, or any other desired type. The hinge is adapted to provide a 180-degree range of movement so that the screwdriver can lie flush against the ratcheting wrench head.

The magnet utilized in the device is attached to the opposite side of the wrench body via a hinge that offers a 180-degree range of movement. The magnet, similar to the screwdriver, is housed in a small recess on the exterior of the device. The magnet is comprised of a telescoping unit and a head portion which utilizes magnetic material. In use, individuals can deploy the magnet by rotating it upward, extending the telescoping unit, and then inserting the magnet into crevasses and other locations to retrieve magnetic objects.

There are two bubble levels located on the device: one horizontal, and one vertical. The levels are situated perpendicularly to each other, offering the ability to achieve both vertical and horizontal levelness of an item. The elongated edge of the body is flat, allowing the invention to be laid flush against a flat surface and capable of being used to determine whether the surface is both horizontally and vertically level.

The optional light unit is controllable via at least one button positioned on the exterior of the device. The light can be comprised of any type of illumination means including LED lights and the like. The light is positioned within the body below the neck of the ratcheting wrench. The light is situated in this manner in order to extend from the area between the body of the invention and the neck of the ratcheting wrench.

In addition, the device can utilize various interchangeable wrench heads. The interchangeable heads are comprised of an open-ended wrench, an adjustable open-ended wrench, a hinged box end wrench, and other types of wrench head attachments. The interchangeable wrench heads are affixed on one end of the device when the blade unit is fully retracted. The wrench heads are attached via a spring loaded pin that engages with an aperture on the wrench heads. When the pin is pressed down, an interchangeable wrench head can be placed over it which then causes the pin to engage with the aperture on the wrench. The pin then prevents it from being removed or slipping off during use.

Exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

Image Info

  • FIGURE 1 Shows the different components of the device.

  • FIGURE 2 Shows how the device heads can be interchanged.

  • FIGURE 3 Shows the built-in screwdriver and telescoping magnet.

  • FIGURE 4 Shows the concealed razor blade.

  • FIGURE 5 Shows how the integrated LED lights can be activated and the level mechanism.

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